Holly Around the World | October

Holly Around the World

It’s time to wrap up the month! On October 9th, Call Me Charles was released. I wrote it to celebrate National Motorcycle Ride Day. With the release came a small tour around the globe – I didn’t go many places, but a few.  

Ofelia’s Ghost Dater was released on October 13th, so it was a bit hectic to keep up with it all. 

I started by visiting Ofelia’s blog. I should’ve been there on the 10th, but there was an opening in the schedule, so I went on the 8th instead. 

Over at Ofelia’s, I talk about Hubert’s old fishing hut and where I got the inspiration from. The whole story really is about me missing the sea. Charles is walking the roads I used to walk along the coastline – not that anyone can tell, but in my mind, that’s where he was. 

Then I visited Nell Iris. Over at Nell’s, I was talking about how I played with the idea of writing a real biker story, but how motorcycle gangs and I don’t really get along. 

After that, I moved on to Addison Albright’s blog and there I talk about how Charlie had a hard time growing up and how in October, we also had Stop Bullying Day. The story is a pretty good fit for it even though it wasn’t the day I wrote it for.  

And now, after having written this post, I’m gonna start preparing for where I’ll go next month. How to Soothe a Dragon will be published on November 13th, and it’s high time to start thinking about what to write about. I can’t blog about my experience of alien dragons, can I? I have some brainstorming to do LOL 

Motorcycle Ride Day

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