Holly Around the World | February

Holly Around the World

It’s time for the Holly Around the World post! I’m always fascinated by the initial panic I feel when I see it come up on my to-do. Despite spending a lot of time every month writing guest posts, I never think I’ve written any when we reach the end of the month LOL

This month’s release was The Wingman, a short story I wrote to celebrate National Wingman Day which is observed annually on February 13th.

I started my little tour around the globe by visiting Nell Iris. Nell is less than a two-hour drive away, so I could’ve visited in real life, but I chose to hijack her blog instead. While I did, I was talking about wingmen and how I think we’d do just fine without them – not that Gavin is a very good one.

On National Wingman Day, I visited Addison Albright. There, I revealed that I have a thing for bakers. I didn’t know that I did, but I write a lot of bakers. I think maybe it’s because baking is my go-to stress relief. When the world crash and burns, I bake bread.

Last, I was ranting over at Ofelia’s blog. I talked about productivity, how I’ve had fourteen releases in a row, and that I’m now stuck in the never break the chain thinking. Just to let you know, I’m currently working on story 18.

Auntie Suse

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