Holly Around the World | April

Holly Around the World

I’ve been out travelling this month too! Isn’t it amazing? And by travelling, I, of course, mean that I’ve been chatting with some lovely people located in different places around the world, so I’ve been there in mind but not in body LOL

This month, A Well-Functioning Cubicle was released, and it was released the week after The Blood Witch, so there was a lot of cyber travelling going on there. 

The first stop was over at Ofelia’s blog, and there I talk about straight labels. Jace in A Well-Functioning Cubicle is slightly OCD, and when Paxton puts the label on his drawer crooked, Jace freaks. 

Then I hopped on over to Nell Iris and spent my birthday with her – April 4th is my birthday, and I was at Nell’s then. Over at Nell’s I’m talking about how I understand Jace, the need for a neat desk and to have things in order, and how it’s near impossible with four kids who also want to draw in MY bullet journal. 

And last but not least, I spent National Flash Drive Day over at Addison Albright’s. There I’m talking about keeping old ebooks on memory sticks and how the idea of Paxton grew from there. A Well-Functioning Cubicle was written to celebrate National Flash Drive Day so Paxton’s flash drive plays a rather big part in the story.

And that’s it. Next month, we have an author collaboration around World Naked Gardening Day, and there will be a lot of travelling around the globe then LOL

Put it on crooked

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