Cover Reveal | A Drop of Moonshine

Cover Reveal

We have a cover!!!

In June, we’re celebrating National Moonshine Day. Yes, it’s a day to indulge!

If you read my post a while back about googling moonshine making, A Drop of Moonshine is the reason behind it – please, inform the police if they ever want to look into my search history LOL

I feel like I should apologise for this story. It’s dark and miserable and perhaps not what the world needs right now. But the cover is pretty!

A Drop of Moonshine takes place in a dystopian world where all citizens have been granted one government-approved kill. If you don’t like someone, you can file an application, and a few days later, that person is no longer. Neat, right? Except it means there can be a knock at your door at any time, and someone has to perform the kills.

Cheery, right?

Let’s have a look at the cover instead 😆



In a world where the government controls everything, and every citizen is given one government-approved kill, Sid Barker is doing his best to keep his head down and not get noticed. At some point, he must have failed. Being a potato farmer doesn’t generate enough income, and Sid is making moonshine on the side to keep himself fed, but one day a liquidation agent shows up at his farm, not to kill him, but to blackmail him into giving away his moonshine for free. 

Thorn Hull is a liquidation agent. Every time someone hands in an application to have someone terminated, he or one of the other agents has to perform the kill. It’s a well-paying job, but no money in the world can fill the void in Thorn. He regrets ever becoming an agent, but no one has ever quit the agency and lived to tell the tale. 

One night in a bar, Thorn runs into Sid, who’s far from the dirty little kid he’d been the last time Thorn had seen him. Sid remembers Thorn from his childhood and asks him to help him talk sense into the agent who’s blackmailing him. Things soon escalate, and Sid and Thorn find themselves on the run from the liquidation agency. How will they be able to deal with the blackmailer at the same time as they’re on the run from the government’s trained killers? 

Release Day: June 4th

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