Holly Around the World | May

Holly Around the World

Time to sum up the month’s travels! At the beginning of this month, the World Naked Gardening Day stories were released, and we went on a bit of a tour, visiting each other’s blogs. 

In case you missed all the posts, you’ll find A.L. Lester’s post about Warning! Deep Water here, K.L. Noone’s post about The Hermit of Aldershill Manor here, Amy Spector’s post about The Death of Digby Catch here, and Nell Iris’s post about Strike a Pose here.

But onto the travels!

First, I visited A.L. Lester’s blog, and there I talked about chickens. Ally is the first person I ask when I have a chicken question, so it felt natural to talk about the chickens in Perfect Rows while there LOL.

Then I hopped on over to K.L. Noone’s place. There I talked about how I dream about self-sufficiency. Grayson in Perfect Rows wants to grow all the vegetables he needs from May to September, and he totally got that from me. I dream about having a huge kitchen garden.

Then I was at Ofelia’s, and there I talk about how annoying Camden is. He really is.

Next up was Amy Spector. There I chatted about my grandmother and her garden. In Perfect Rows, Camden wants everything to grow in perfect rows, but nature doesn’t grow in perfect rows, and my granny, who I’m sure never knew the word permaculture, kept her garden in a very permaculture way.

Then I visited Nell Iris’s place, and there I talked about how the kids knew Camden grew up in a dysfunctional family by looking at the field day lunches his mother failed to pack. It wasn’t until after the story was done, edits and all, that I realised this might not translate well. In Sweden, kids get free school lunches, and the only time they ever pack lunch is on field days. Even that is gone now, I’ve never packed lunch for my kids, but when I was a kid, we packed field day lunches. So it’s different from in countries where you bring your own lunch. But, ah well… 

After having been at Nell’s, I was over at Addison Albright’s blog. There I talked about how we came up with the idea of the World Naked Gardening Day stories and about how Camden isn’t the most flattering character I’ve ever written.

That’s it! My tour around the globe in May.

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