Life in a Square | June

Half the year has gone by! I have a hard time grasping that, to be honest. I haven’t worked my day job for a couple of months now, and have settled into a routine where I go up early and write for three hours every morning (some of it is kid-interrupted time, so it sounds better than it is) then I walk the dog and doing some housework before going back to the computer and doing marketing/blogging/organising things. I love it.

My biggest complaint is that June is too hot, and sitting by the computer after lunch isn’t as inviting as it is when it’s cold or pouring down outside. Plus the kids are off school, so there is no quiet time in the day as there was before. On the other hand, I don’t need to make sure they catch the bus in the morning, so it evens out.

On to some photos from the month!

We, of course, have some I’ve snapped while walking along the river. It’s inevitable LOL

River Square

Fog Square

Since we’re now in the middle of summer, bugs and other animals make an appearance. This, apparently, is a Buff-tip. The kids were out playing in the garden when they all began to shout for me to come. This little creature came flying and landed on a leaf. And when we were walking by the river we saw a crayfish? Crawfish? I can never figure out which word I’m supposed to use for them.

Bug Square

Crayfish Square

The kittens are growing and have now taken over the entire bottom floor of the house. Their mum is a bit tired of them at times LOL

Pelle Square

Kattniss square

Dora Square

And lastly, my sister wanted to experiment. She bought a pack of eggs in the grocery shop, asked me if I would take the chickens if there were any, and popped them into the incubator. I said I’d take them, and out of fifteen eggs, we got three little birds. They’re in that lovely teenage stage now, no longer cute feather balls and not yet beautiful grown birds.

Willys Square

I hardly ever post photos of my kids, but this captures what our days look like pretty well 😆

Karin Square

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