Holly Around the World | August

Holly Around the World

This month we’ve been celebrating Bookstore Romance Day. I wrote a story about a dragon taking over a bookshop and falling in love with the man working there. I had so much fun, and since I wanted to share the fun, I went around to tell people about it.

First, I was at Addison Albright’s. There I talked about my love for bookstores and libraries and how there is shelf after shelf with books in The Book Dragon’s Lair.

Over at Nell Iris’s, I talked about why I love writing interspecies couples and how by having two characters from different worlds, you can shine a light on the differences they experience. Ruy the Ravenous has never been to the human realm before, so there are a lot of things he doesn’t understand.

Next up on the tour was A.L. Lester. At Ally’s, I talk about Edge, the city where they’re living that’s on the edge of the human realm. I also mention that the most unreal thing in this story isn’t the dragons, it’s that Ryu doesn’t find coffee magical.

Last, I grabbed a slot over at Ofelia’s. There I talk about how Ryu struggles with being a book dragon since he doesn’t see books as treasures – they don’t sparkle!

I had so much fun with this book!

Ryu the Ravenous

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