Release Day | Dear Diary

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It’s release day!!! Dear Diary is out today, and as you might have guessed, we’re celebrating Dear Diary Day. 

This is different from what I normally write. I write in third person and dual pov. This month, the story is a diary, and diaries aren’t written in third person. So essentially, we’re having a guy talking to himself. 

I loved writing this. That does not mean I’ll be writing stories in first person from here on out, but it was a good challenge. I had to think in another way than I normally do, which I think we all should do from time to time.

And I love this. I’m quite in love with my main character. He doesn’t even have a name. All we get is his thoughts scrawled down in a notebook – not a red notebook because he’s not a red diary kind of guy even though there was one for a dollar less than the one he got when he was buying his diary 😁

Dear Diary

dear diaryDear Diary,

My therapist wants me to write a diary to help me manage my depression. I have no idea how it’ll work, but I didn’t have the energy to argue with her.

All I want is for life to go back to the way it was before I walked in on Christopher and Jason. Or maybe not because I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive Christopher for cheating on me in our bed, but I want to function as I did before that moment. Before I lost everything.

Do you remember Lars Olsen from school? I do my best to stay away, but it’s like he’s magnetic and pulls me in every time I see him. I shouldn’t be dating. I don’t want to force my crazy on anyone, but he’s asked me to dinner. He deserves a sane partner, so it would be unfair to go, wouldn’t it?

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Thursday, September 15th

Dear Diary,

The dickhead suggested we’d all go out for drinks tomorrow night. As a morale boost. For fuck’s sake! I have to spend eight hours with those idiots. No way in hell am I going out for a drink with them after work. I didn’t tell them, though. They looked so fucking pleased, as if they’d come up with the solution. Give a guy a drink, and he won’t be crying in the bathroom anymore.

I’ll sneak off when they aren’t looking—home, not into the bathroom to have a cry. I’d like to say I wouldn’t cry in the bathroom of a restaurant, but who knows.

1. My breakfast coffee was okay.

2. I had a nice fantasy about the dickhead falling down the stairs and breaking his neck.

3. Lars texted me a picture of his coffee. I don’t know if there’s some hidden meaning there, but coffee is nice, right?

Do you want to know what the stupidest thing about this diary-writing is? You never respond to my questions. Sure, some are rhetorical, but not all of them. If this is gonna work, you need to do your part.

I’ll tell Janet it isn’t working the next time I see her; inform her I bought a broken journal. I’ve seen the Harry Potter movies, at least the one with the diary, and I know you’re supposed to respond.

Do you think she’ll send me to the loony bin? Hey now, no need to strain yourself. It was a rhetorical question. Lars’s coffee photo though, any input there?

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