Cover Reveal | Willow Road

Cover Reveal (1)

It’s cover reveal time!!! 🥳 I have the cover for Willow Road, and it just so happens that the Black Friday Sale over at JMS Books starts today, and J.M. Snyder has worked their butt off to get all the December releases up for pre-order in time for it. 

So you can, if you want, buy it today in the JMS shop and get it for 60% off. You won’t get the book until December 17th, but if you’re the patient kind… 😆

I wrote Willow Road back in the summer and it’s the first story I’ve written that I’ve placed here, where I live now. I often use Falkenberg, my hometown, as the setting. I never say it’s what I do, but it is. If they’re by the sea, you can be pretty sure they’re walking the streets I used to walk. But Willow Road takes place here, and a friend of mine used to live in the house where Jeremiah lives.

I’ll save all that for another day. Today, I only wanted to show off the cover and let you know there is a sale over at JMS Books!


Jeremiah Pace hasn’t left his house in thirteen years. He doesn’t trust anyone, least of all shifters. School was a nightmare, and despite never interacting with anyone in the village, the bullying continues in his adult life. Someone is putting ads in the paper, encouraging people to drop by his house for one service or other, but Jeremiah never opens his door.

Zeeb Hemming is a lone wolf and the new chief of police. He’s only been in Stoneshade for six weeks when he learns about the ads and goes to knock on Jeremiah’s door. Not because of what today’s ad said, but to get to the bottom of what’s going on. Human or not, Jeremiah deserves to live life in peace. The moment Zeeb nears Jeremiah’s house, he knows he’s his mate. But he can’t have a human mate.

Jeremiah pleads with Zeeb not to stir anything up. Yes, the ads are bad, but things can always get worse. Zeeb is furious someone is mistreating his mate and is willing to skin anyone who has any connection to the ads alive. But how is he to convince Jeremiah to trust him when he talks to Zeeb through a gap in the window instead of opening the door to his house?

Preorder over at JMS shop

Paranormal Gay Romance: 19,909 words


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