Holly Around the World | November

Holly Around the World

I’ve walked around in a daze this month. My mother passed away on the 16th, and the days leading up to that, my siblings, my sister-in-law, and I spent in the hospital. 

I did manage to write this month’s blog posts before Mum got worse though, so I have been visiting blogs, I just can’t remember much about what I wrote. That daze… 

Returning to the Werewolf is celebrating Drowsy Driving Prevention Week, and it’s the first time I’ve written a story for a week instead of a day, but it worked just fine 😊

On release day, I visited both Nell Iris and Addison Albright. Over at Nell’s, I was talking about – hang on while I check 😂 – oh yeah, daylight saving time. Neither Nell nor I are fans of this switching time idiocy, and since Drowsy Driving Prevention Week follows the time change, that was what I was chatting about.

At Addison’s, I was talking about snow and how when I lived up north, it almost always snowed the last week in October. I always travelled home to Mum in that last week, and most years it started snowing right around the time I was going.

Then I visited Ofelia’s blog. There I talked about how Lex is convinced he’s fallen asleep while driving since he sees a naked man on the road in the middle of nowhere.

Naked Man

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