Holly Around the World | January

Holly Around the World

The first month of 2023 is about to come to an end. It’s a bit scary when you think about it. One-twelfth is already over. If this is how the rest of the year is gonna go, then I don’t really know how I’ll manage to keep up.

It’s not that I haven’t done things, I have! I’ve written, I’ve planned, I’ve organised – both for my life as an author and for everything that’s going on in my ‘real life.’ 

There are still a lot of things up in the air in my real-life situation. Papers, Mum’s house etc, but we’re getting there. Not really, but we’ve taken steps 🤯

And while that chaos is playing out in the background, I’ve released the first story of 2023. Squirrel Circus!!!

I wrote it for Squirrel Appreciation Day. I’ve wanted to write a story for Squirrel Appreciation Day since I started writing as Holly, and now I’ve done it! Time to pick a new day to pine after. I’ve already cleared all my deadlines for 2023 with my publisher and which days my stories gonna be written for, so it has to be something for 2024. But it’s just eleven-twelfths of the year left, so it’s time to make plans! 😂

Back to the now!

I’ve visited a few blogs on my quest to let everyone know there’s a story about a nut-hoarding squirrel shifter. First, I was at Addison Albright’s, and there I talked about Squirrel Appreciation Day.

Next up on the tour was Nell Iris. There I talked about squirrels, how they misplace 75% of the food, and how I feel as if I’ve had to live with a squirrel brain for the last few months.

Last, I was at Ofelia Gränd’s where I talked about fated mates and how Squirrel Circus is a rejected mate story.

Next month, we’ll be talking Nutella instead of squirrels 😆

Squirrel sandwitch


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