Writing Update | February

Writing Update

It’s writing update time! Last year, I did these posts over at Ofelia’s blog, but considering the vast majority of all the words I write are published under Holly Day, it felt a bit weird to keep writing updates over there. So, from now on, the writing updates will be posted here.

I love doing these posts. In case you didn’t know, I love statistics, I love goals, and I love keeping track of things, checking things off a list, and so on. So these posts are very much for my own enjoyment, but if you like a little behind-the-scenes info, this is where you’ll get it 😁

My goal for this year is to have a release a month. I’ve managed it the previous two years, which I’m quite proud of, but the other years, I’ve been better prepared than I am this year. I fell behind during the autumn, and while I’ve caught up on most things, I’m cutting my deadlines very short. I submitted Saved by the Bear on January 31st, which was the last day. But I did it! And now I’m writing dragons for No Socks Day 😆

Since I was in a bit of a hurry to get my stories done, I’ve been writing quite a lot. So during January, I wrote 43.650 words. In my last update post over at Ofelia’s I said that I’d write 365.000 words this year. Simply writing that makes me panic a little LOL, but with 43.650 words done, it means I’m 11.96% done. So far, my daily average is 1212 words, and therefore I only need to write 976 words per day for the rest of the year to make my goal. If I keep the same speed as I have this month, I’ll be done by December 22nd. 

We’ll see 😆 So far, so good.

The plan

✅ January – National Squirrel Appreciation Day

✅ February – World Nutella Day

✅ March – U.S. National Soup it Forward Day

✅ April – National Tell a Story Day, April 27. Release day: April 22nd?

⬜️ May – No Socks Day

⬜️ June – National Go Fishing Day

⬜️ July – Lucky 13 story: Paperback Book Day

⬜️ August – National Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day, 

⬜️ September – Collab with A.L Lester, Nell Iris, K.L. Noone, and Amy Spector: World Letter Writing Day

⬜️ October – National Coffee with a Cop Day

⬜️ November – Have a Party with Your Bear Day

⬜️ December – Advent Calendar story: National Chocolate Candy Day



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