Life in a Square | March

The feeling I have of March is that I haven’t done anything. I think we’ve been in a slump, both hubby and I. Every day has pretty much been the same – get up, hopefully, get some words done, wake the kids, get them on the bus, feed and let out the hens, get a few more words done, walk the dog, lunch, do some admin, connect with the kids as they come home from school, another walk with the dog, start on the food, squeeze in some housework, get the kids into bed, and then do it all over again. And again.

This has resulted in many walks along the river. Cat first, dog second, child third, then the tired ones 😆

We had snow early on in the month.


Snow angel

Then it got cold.



Cold morning

And these last few days, we’ve been wading through water. This morning hubby had to carry the littlest because the water was deeper than her wellies.



But not all has been doom and gloom. At the beginning of the month, we put eggs in the incubator, and last weekend, new feather balls made it out into the world! It’s three breeds we’ve never had before, so it’ll be interesting to see what becomes of them.



Tthe coming month, I hope spring will arrive and that I’ll be able to get some seeds in the ground. The apocalypse is near, people! We’ll live off eggs and beans in the future 😆 I really hope that’s my doom and gloom feeling talking and not a premonition.


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