Blown Away

Celebrate Big Wind Day


Espen Urso would rather stay inside and enjoy a nice, sweet cake than be out in the worst storm of the year. But there’s a group of alpha shifters trespassing, and he needs to defend his territory and keep the people in his village safe. A group of wolf shifters he can scare off, but when he realizes they’ve hurt a defenseless little bird, he loses his patience.

Arvid Rai is having a bad day. He’s an omega on the run, with a group of alphas on his tail. If there hadn’t been a storm, he could have easily flown away before the stupid wolves got their hands on him, or the angry bear noticed he was in his territory. But there is a storm, and the idiot who grabbed him broke his wing, so now he can’t fly anywhere. Still, he deems it best to stay with the growly bear rather than having the other alphas fight over him.

Espen has never believed in the myth of omegas, and it isn’t until he takes Arvid in he realizes how much trouble he’ll be in when shifters from near and far learn he has one in his home. Will he be able to keep Arvid safe from other shifters? Is it even possible to defend his territory with an omega in it?

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Arvid watched in horror as one of the alphas turned into a giant cat. Shit. He’d assumed all of them were wolves. He’d assumed wolves wouldn’t climb trees to get to him. He’d assumed they’d wait on the ground for him to come down while he waited in the tree for the weather to change. As soon as the wind lessened, he’d fly.

The tree swayed as the massive, T-shirt wearing, cat—leopard was Arvid’s guess—buried his claws in the bark and heaved himself up. He moved effortlessly, graceful and fast, and before Arvid could hop away, they were on the same branch. His heart drummed a staccato in his chest as he jumped out on a smaller twig. The wind pushed at him, his feathers ruffled, and he swayed. He had to flap his wings not to fall, but it made him more exposed to the wind.

The cat took the opportunity and jumped. Arvid saw it coming, launched into the air, but the wind knocked him back. The cat’s massive paws smacked into him, forcing the air out of his lungs.

With a thud and a screaming pain radiating from his right wing, they hit the ground. The cat roared in triumph. It was followed by another roar. A roar sounding farther away and far more threatening. Arvid tried breathing through the pain, but it didn’t subside. The dark forest swam around him, the wind howled in his ears only to be drowned out by his hammering heartbeats.

Would this be the day he died?

He tried calming his heart. Even if he had to spend his life with Cat Grabbyhands, it was better than being dead. Probably. He took in the massive cat, the sharp teeth, and yellow eyes. Maybe not.

Filling his lungs, he tried to calm his heart. The pain, it grew more intense. The man on top of him shifted back into a dark-haired man, with broad shoulders and bulging muscles—they always did. At least, he was still wearing his T-shirt.


Arvid would’ve rolled his eyes at the command, had he been in human form. They all chased the omega, they all wanted the omega, and they all forgot he didn’t have to do what they told him to. He might not be an alpha, but he wasn’t a submissive either. For some reason, they disregarded that part.

Change back!” The growly order made Arvid look straight into the man’s eyes. It usually set them off more. Changing would have him passing out from pain—not something he wanted to try—and staying bird made it extremely hard for the man to mate with him. How did you fuck a bird when you were a human or a leopard? How did you bite a small bird’s neck when you were a huge human or a leopard?

Desperation crawled into the man’s eyes. “Change!” He slammed Arvid against the wet ground, forcing all air out of his lungs. He cried out as a slicing pain cut through his every thought.

Arvid closed his eyes and tried breathing through the pain as the angry roar came again. It was closer now, and Arvid feared he’d be stepped on if there was a fight.

Branches broke, twigs snapped, and a giant brown bear cantered into the woods—Grizzly, perhaps? Arvid didn’t know his bear species. It was massive and brown with long claws.

Someone cursed, and his mate-to-be—unless he got away from him—curled his fingers around him and lifted him off the ground.

The giant bear melted into a huge man. “Get out of my territory. Now.” Blood was trickling down his chest, and Arvid deemed him insane. Alone against five alphas and hurt—did he have a death wish?

The rain fell on his naked chest—Arvid didn’t look farther down—but the blood kept oozing from long claw marks.

Your friend is alive.” The bear looked at them, one at the time. His gaze was hard, his hands still claw-equipped. Arvid took a shivering breath. So much power.

We only came for the omega.” Arvid’s mate-to-be—unless he, of course, could get away from him—held out his hand with Arvid in it.

The bear’s gaze hardened. “I don’t care. You let the poor girl go or you take her with you—” Arvid gave a tweet. Girl? Take him with them? Not that he’d believed the bear would save him. He’d try to mate him too, and who wanted to be mated to a bear? “—and get out of here.”

The bear’s gaze zeroed in on him. “You trespassed too, birdie. I don’t allow any shifter into my territory uninvited. The humans in my village have already been disturbed enough.”