Holly Around the World | September

Holly Around the World

It’s time for another lap around the globe. Or… the travelling is already done, so it’s more like a glimpse into the travel journal 😊 

Perhaps we should make that a diary instead?

In September, we celebrated Dear Diary Day, and we did it by releasing Dear Diary. I’m so happy we did! It was a challenge to write a story in diary format, but it was really fun.

The first stop this time was at A.L. Lester’s blog. There I was talking about Dear Diary at the same time as I was bragging about my achievements this year 😆

Then I visited Nell Iris. At Nell’s, I was talking about how writing a diary in third person, past tense, and dual points of view won’t work, and how I instead had to move out of my comfort zone and write in first person.

Next up was Addison Albright. There I was talking about the history of diary-writing, and how diaries can help us sort our lives. I might also have mentioned that we’re mentally unstable in this day and age LOL.

Last, I was over at Ofelia Gränd’s. There I talked about how I could’ve written a different story than I did to celebrate Dear Diary Day. I could’ve done a queer The Bridges of Madison County, but I didn’t. And now we’ll just have to live with the fact that I didn’t 😁

Not a fan of diaries? Worry not, next month we’ll be celebrating M&M Day and if you say you don’t like chocolate, we can’t be friends.

Works in the gym

Holly Around the World | August

Holly Around the World

This month we’ve been celebrating Bookstore Romance Day. I wrote a story about a dragon taking over a bookshop and falling in love with the man working there. I had so much fun, and since I wanted to share the fun, I went around to tell people about it.

First, I was at Addison Albright’s. There I talked about my love for bookstores and libraries and how there is shelf after shelf with books in The Book Dragon’s Lair.

Over at Nell Iris’s, I talked about why I love writing interspecies couples and how by having two characters from different worlds, you can shine a light on the differences they experience. Ruy the Ravenous has never been to the human realm before, so there are a lot of things he doesn’t understand.

Next up on the tour was A.L. Lester. At Ally’s, I talk about Edge, the city where they’re living that’s on the edge of the human realm. I also mention that the most unreal thing in this story isn’t the dragons, it’s that Ryu doesn’t find coffee magical.

Last, I grabbed a slot over at Ofelia’s. There I talk about how Ryu struggles with being a book dragon since he doesn’t see books as treasures – they don’t sparkle!

I had so much fun with this book!

Ryu the Ravenous

Holly Around the World | July

Holly Around the World

This month, we’ve been celebrating National Talk in an Elevator Day. Are you a Roald Dahl fan? I love Roald Dahl, and all this focus on elevators has me thinking about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the glass elevator LOL

Okay, so this month I’ve been chatting up people in elevators – not really. If you’ve read any of my blog posts, you know I want people to keep quiet in the elevator. Really, just thinking about celebrating this day as it’s meant to be celebrated triggers my social phobia.

First stop this month, was at Addison Albright’s. There I talked about how I’m mostly okay talking to old people in public but prefer it if you just pretend I’m not there 😁

Then I was at Nell Iris’s, and there I talk about the panic I would feel if I was trapped in an elevator with a talking stranger. I mean, come on! Don’t do that to people.

And lastly, I went and stole a spot on Ofelia’s blog. There I talk about how Hayden doesn’t notice that Corey doesn’t speak to him while they’re in the elevator.

That’s it! Enough with the elevator talk already 😆

See outside elevator