Life in a Square | September

It’s time for some photos again 😊 I have to admit, I haven’t taken many this month. If I thought I was living in a daze last month, it’s nothing compared to this.

My mother-in-law passed away on the sixth, on my husband’s birthday. And the result we awaited concerning my mother’s tumour… It’s liver cancer, inoperable and incurable. She’s just spent a week in the hospital with a bleeding ulcer and any plans for chemo have been postponed.

My mother is sixty-three.

Let’s focus on something else, shall we? The seasons are turning, and there is quite a difference in the colours by the river if we compare the beginning of the month to those more towards the end.

river beginning


We’ll see what’s left of the leaves next month 😊

It’s not only by the river the colours are changing. The routes we’ve gone all summer that’s been filled with blueberries and lingonberries are now filled with spiderwebs instead.


And with darker, colder days come more time spent on the couch. A few of the family members have this slouching thing down pat.


And there is always someone who’s gonna show off and fly up on the roof. Meet Silvio, my pretty cockerel. I think he can grow into a majestic rooster one day. He’s a crossbreed of a lot of things, but I think he’s beautiful.


Not all is dark in the world. In the middle of all despair, we got to rejoice a little. This adorable creature was born on the 16th, and she made me an aunt for the 6th time 😍


Life in a Square | August

I’ve gone through this month in a daze, not really aware of the world around me. I’m not gonna bring you down with a lot of details, but I’ve mentioned before that my mother-in-law has cancer. We’re surprised she’s still hanging in there. She’s fought long and hard, but it’s a losing battle, and we’re down to counting days now.

It’s hard, but then my mum started feeling poorly and went to the doctor, and… *deep breath* We’re starting over. Next week we’ll know what can be done with treatments and such, but she has a big tumor in her stomach, and we’re awaiting both MR scan results and CT scan results.

So, while I try to keep a positive attitude, right this moment, I’m not in the best place.

But I have snapped a few pictures while out walking, so let’s have a look. It’s been really dry and all the leaves are falling off prematurely.


The water in the river is really low compared to how it normally is.


Low water

And this time of year, we’re normally picking a lot of berries and mushrooms. There are blueberries in the woods, but they’re falling off in the drought. The mushrooms aren’t growing. If we manage to find any at all, they’re dried up.



I sent an email to my mailing list about my potato harvest. I haven’t planted any potatoes 😆 but a few must have come with the compost into my kitchen garden and I allowed them to grow, just like Grayson in Perfect Rows LOL.


And then we’ve had some chickens hatch. We didn’t need more chickens, but Hedda went broody and ten little feather balls hatched, so… The more the merrier, right?

Hedda + chick

Just another day


Life in a Square | July

Where do the days go?! I can’t believe July is almost over. That means summer almost is over, and I haven’t had time to do summer things yet.

The month has mostly been about animals, as most months are LOL. The kittens are growing, and we’ve got some new hens. I meant to buy a couple of hens. My mother-in-law told me to buy a couple for myself of some breed I wanted, and she’d pay for them, but I haven’t got around to it. Instead, hens have moved in from people around, and now I feel like we have all the hens we need and more.

We had two lovely ladies move in at the beginning of the month. An old colleague of mine asked if I could take them. One of them had grown a little mean toward their other hens, they’re living in the middle of the village, so they’re not allowed a rooster, and apparently one of them tried to fill that role. I said of course, and the day after, they moved in. They’re doing great, and they’re not mean, but we have more room for them to roam which reduces the risk of conflict considerably.


Then we have the newest recruits. They’re also from the village, or outside of the village on the opposite end of where we’re outside of the village 😁 The woman who hatched them does pageants and stuff, and these ladies aren’t pretty enough. It’s not easy when you’re not pretty enough, though no one in this house will care.


Cats… cats everywhere. My writing partner this last week had been Kalle. He’s sleeping on my chair, and if I’m in it, he’s sleeping on me. The plan is for Kalle to stay with us even after his siblings move away.




We had an alien on a visit…


And we can’t have a month without showing at least some water, preferably with a dog in it, right?