Life in a Square | January

New year, same kind of photos! 😆 Weather-wise it’s been a pretty boring month. We started with some snow, but it quickly melted away again, and then it’s stuck to right around freezing. Some days have been a little colder, and some just warm enough for the frost to melt. It’s not cold enough for the lakes to freeze properly, so I don’t think there will be any ice skating this year.

The hens aren’t fans, and it’s a hassle with their water freezing all the time. I bring water from inside the house every time I go outside since I don’t dare test the outdoor taps. So extra work, and fiddling with water when it’s freezing isn’t fun. That being said, I’m itching to put some eggs in the incubator and hatch some chicks. It’s spring soon!

I really miss my copper marans that got taken by the fox, so I’m thinking about buying eggs… There is a lady selling copper maran eggs near where Sis lives, so I hinted a little. We’ll see what happens 😆

This month, I’ve been flung between despair and gratitude. Part of the mourning process, I guess. I’m so grateful I get to do what I do.

But we’re here to look at the river today, not talk about gratitude 😅 Compared to the previous months, I had very few photos of the river on my phone. That doesn’t mean I didn’t have any photos, of course, I did! The river calls to me. Not in the same way the ocean does, but since I live inland these days, the river is a good substitute.

First a snow photo, so we can remember that there was a time when there was snow in southern Sweden.


Then when the snow melted, the trail we walk almost daily got overflown. It was also when I realised I need to buy new wellies. Cold water flooding your foot is no fun.



Customary river photos since they’re a must! 😁

River snaking

River and trees

High water

Then one day I was chatting with Nell Iris and A.L. Lester while walking the dog and snapped a photo of him. Can’t remember what we talked about, but this is the part of the trail where we have to climb over logs.


You know how the camera never really captures the light right? This afternoon, the light around the smaller trees was magical. Didn’t really come out that way. Sigh.


And on the same slope as I tried catching magical light, I tried catching children 😆 Sis and my nieces came to stay for a few days, and we went on walks.


That’s as fun as it gets, people! I hope you had a lovely month 🥰

Life in a Square | December

Time to wrap up the month in photos. It’s been a shitty month, a shitty autumn, and I’ve found myself staring out over the river so many times. If you were to scroll through the photos I’ve taken during December, you’d see that 90% of them are of the river.

It has been beautiful, so it deserves some photos taken 😊 We started the month with above-freezing temperatures, then we got snow, then above-freezing again, and then it got cold. One morning when I walked the dog, it was -18C (-0.4F). It’s been a rollercoaster, and we’ve been on the road a lot since on top of all the holiday craziness everyone’s dealing with, we had Mum’s funeral.

At the beginning of the month, my youngest and I decorated a tree in the forest. We normally do, so the moose get to have some Christmas too, and luckily I have a neighbour who plays along and leaves little gifts to the kids from the moose now and then. We’ve already picked the tree we’re gonna decorate next year 😆

christmas tree

Shall we get started on the river photos now? I’ll just select a few LOL




River 2

River 1


Ice 1

When it’s snowy and icy outside, our dog melts into the surroundings. He’s brown and white, which is what everything else turns into, too. Here you can see him though. One dash into the vegetation, and he’s gone.


But not everyone is keen on being outside in the snow. Some prefer to stay warm and cosy and poke their tongue out at people.


That’s it for this year. Maybe I should do a studio in river photos so we can see the season change one picture at a time.

Life in a Square | November

This month, I haven’t seen much other than hospital corridors and a little nature when walking the dog. The days are getting shorter, so more and more, hubby and I find ourselves walking in the dark.

The dog doesn’t mind, but the forest is dark when it’s dark outside. Towards the end of the month, we got some snow which helps with the light.Ove


Some days, we managed to be out walking at sunset, but sunset photos never make nature justice. I don’t know why the colours don’t turn out the same as the real thing.


And we had a few really misty days. It was as if you got wet when you walked through it, so thick.


The kids were off school for a week at the beginning of the month, and Mum was home from the hospital then. I’m so glad we got that time. Several days with the kids playing around her and us all being together. But one afternoon she had a doctor’s appointment which my brother took her to, so my sister and I took the kids to a playground. We hadn’t been able to leave the house for more than a few minutes since Mum might need help, but since she was taken care of, we let the kids lose 😊 There was a tree or several trees but I only photoed one, with several colourful birdhouses.

Bird houses

And then came the snow… A little at first.


And then a little more. Not much, but enough to give you a wintery feeling.