There Will Be Aliens

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Carlo Russo is having the worst day. Not only has he lost his job, caught his boyfriend cheating, and had one too many shots with his best friend Grace, now he’s seeing aliens too. Big, black, tail-equipped aliens. After a futile struggle, he and Grace find themselves on a spaceship leaving Earth.

Zenon Scoreceds Qhainqons doesn’t know what it is about the earthling male. Their mission is to bring back ten females in hopes of them being able to provide their planet with children, but he wants the male. What he’s going to do with the male, he doesn’t know, but he’s claiming him as his payment for going on the mission.

Carlo doesn’t approve of kidnapping, but the aliens aren’t too bad, and once the language chip is installed, he finds it entertaining to talk to them. Zen in particular. They’re standoffish and never show any emotion, but Carlo has no problem cuddling up next to Zen at night.

All Zenon wants is to spend time with Carlo, but it’s his job to get them all home in one piece. Will he be able to keep Carlo safe from all the dangers lurking along the trip? He has to because Carlo is his, and he’s not letting him go.

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Carlo stumbled on the even road. “Shots were a bad idea, Gracie.”

She giggled and hooked her arm in his. “They were. I want pizza now, and I know I’m gonna have a headache tomorrow.”

Carlo sighed. He didn’t want to think about tomorrow. What the fuck would he do with his life? He had no place to stay since Ryan owned the apartment. He didn’t have a job since Ryan owned the restaurant where he’d worked and had fired him. He didn’t have any money since, well, he’d worked as a waiter in a restaurant.

“It’ll be alright.” Grace patted his arm.

Had he spoken out loud? He didn’t think so. “I wish we had some weed.”

“I’m not sure getting high on top of being drunk would solve our problems.”

“No?” Carlo wasn’t so sure.

“Remember when we lived in the group home on Mill Lane?”

Carlo shuddered. “I’d rather not.”

“How the fuck did we end up here, Carlo? We swore when we got out that we would do something with our lives.”

“We have. Neither of us is in prison, neither of us has a drug addiction, and we’re not living on welfare. It’s a huge step up.”

“Yes, but what about family, a nice house, or a job we like?”

Carlo groaned. “I have to get a new job.”

“See what I mean?” She pulled at his arm, gesturing at a bench under a huge oak tree.

Carlo shivered in the chilly March night but allowed her to steer him to the bench.
As soon as they sat, the surrounding shadows moved.

“What the…” He squinted. “What’s that?”

Grace clung to him. “Did you slip us drugs? I think I’m hallucinating.”

He hadn’t, but could someone else have? But why would they? Four huge black forms moved toward them. Carlo sucked in a breath as he noticed the teeth.

The aliens were eight-nine feet tall with rippling muscles, midnight black skin, and… fangs. Not like vampire teeth, but fangs—both upper and lower canines.

“Holy shit. They have dragon teeth.”

Carlo didn’t look away from the monsters. “There is no such thing as dragons.”

“Are you sure?”

Right now, he suspected he was hallucinating or dreaming, so maybe there were dragons in this reality. “No.”

One of the monsters took a step forward. His skin was so dark blue it looked black, and he pointed a sharp-looking claw at them. Three fingers and a thumb, Carlo noted. Could’ve been worse, could’ve been tentacles. Then he swished a tail, and Carlo yelped in surprise.

As they took a step forward in unison, he flew to his feet. He might hallucinate, but he wouldn’t let them take Grace without a fight.