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It’s giveaway time!!! 

Last year, I released Call Me Charles in October, which is a story that celebrates National Motorcycle Ride Day. It’s a contemporary story about Charles who is having a really bad day.

The most similar story Ofelia has to Call Me Charles is Crazy Joe. There are no motorcycles in it, but it’s a contemporary story about Jonas who doesn’t have the best of days either.

Both stories have past (in Charles’ case it’s both past and current) bullying, but both Charles and Jonas find their happily ever after in the end.

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Charles Bowman was having a bad day even before his friends showed up to kidnap him for his birthday. He lost his nametag, missed the bus, and was late for his shift in the sandwich shop, but that isn’t the worst. The worst is that he’s accidentally been poisoning Hubert, the owner of the candy shop across from the sandwich shop, with gluten despite Hubert ordering gluten-free sandwiches.

When Charles finds himself soaking wet on a deserted road in the chilling October night, the worst gets an entirely new meaning. But right as he’s about to give up, Hubert comes driving on his motorcycle. Being responsible for gluten poisoning aside, Charles has never been as glad to see his knight in black leather, but is going home with Hubert a good idea or will the worst get even worse?

15,071 words

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Crazy Joe

Abe Cooper is starting over. For fifteen years he’s lived the life that was expected of him, but not anymore. He’s packed up his things, bought himself a cabin in Northfield, and managed to secure a job at the local high school teaching gym and coaching the football team. But his new beginning didn’t include running into Crazy Joe on his first trip to the grocery store.

Jonas Raghnall has everything he needs—good friends and a job he loves. He’s worked hard to get over what happened sixteen years ago, but one run-in with his past and all the memories come flooding back. Seeing Abe Cooper, The Abe Cooper, sets everything out of balance.

Abe had pictured a fresh start with no ties to his past, but now that Jonas is there, he wants nothing more than to be close to the man who had butterflies filling his belly when he was in high school. Jonas doesn’t want to come face to face with his past, but if he sees Abe every day, it’s not really meeting up with your past, is it? It’s more like a date with your future.

17,001 words

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Bookversary | The Dragon Next Door

The Dragon Next Door

It’s National Neighbour Day, which means The Dragon Next Door turns one 🥳 This is one of my favourite stories of all I’ve ever written.

Where I live now, I can see three houses, all of them summer houses that are empty for most of the year. If I go outside, I can see a fourth, and in that there actually is someone living. I can also see the driveway of a fifth house where a 70+ lady is living. If I walk out on the road, I can see the driveway to a sixth house, another summer house that hardly ever has any inhabitants.

I feel trapped. I tell my husband every week, during some periods every day, that we have to move. The next house we live in, there won’t be any visible houses… hopefully. It can go days without me seeing or talking to anyone, but it’s the possibility of neighbours that stresses me out.

So in my world, a good neighbour is an invisible neighbour (Oh, I should write a story with a ghost neighbour!), and therefore Adrian is my worst nightmare. And yet I love him.

I’m glad he’s not real or it would’ve been cool if he was, but then I’d hoped he’d live far from me. He’s still one of my favourite characters though because being in his head was lovely. He’s a sunshine character, and we can all use some light now and then 😊

The Dragon Next Door


Adrian Green’s new next-door neighbor isn’t really a dragon, but he does snarl an awful lot.

The first time Adrian saw Lorcan Walsh, he knew he needed Adrian’s help. Lorcan has a fractured leg and an empty apartment. Luckily, Adrian doesn’t mind helping him fill his lair with gems, and Doris’s second-hand shop has everything a dragon could possibly want.

The problem is, Lorcan doesn’t seem to want his apartment decorated, and sneaking presents past a grumpy dragon isn’t easy.

All Adrian wants is to cheer Lorcan up, but when Lorcan’s ex appears at the door, Adrian fears not even vintage coffee cups will get them their fairy-tale ending. What if the way to a dragon’s heart isn’t lined with treasures?

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Adrian carried a box of plates, cups, glasses, and cutlery. Not a single piece matched and yet they fit together beautifully. He and Doris had spent a good couple of hours going through the entire shop and settled on blue and white decor. They were all beautiful pieces, and Adrian wanted to keep them for himself, but it was a gift to Lorcan.

No wonder he was unhappy. All dragons needed a hoard, and his cave was barren.

Grinning to himself, he jogged up the last flight of stairs and found Lorcan’s doorbell with his elbow.

Seconds went by without any sounds coming from the apartment. Adrian pressed the doorbell again.

Still nothing.

With a huff, he put the box down and opened the mail slot. “Hello? Lorcan?”

Maybe it was wrong to assume he was a dragon? The growl coming from within sounded more like a werewolf. Adrian kept looking through the tiny opening of the mail slot until one bare foot came into view, then he stepped back and grabbed the box of crockery.

The door opened, and Lorcan scowled at him. “What?”

“I come bearing gifts.” Adrian bowed and pushed past him into the apartment, having learned his lesson from last time to not try to hand something to Lorcan.

He went straight for the kitchen and poured water into the sink. “Where do you keep your dish soap?”

Lorcan watched him with narrowed eyes. “I don’t.”

It took several seconds before Adrian understood what he meant. “I have an extra bottle.”

Hurrying out of the door, he almost ran into Jesse on his way to his apartment. “Hi!”

Jesse waved in the middle of a yawn. “What are you doing in there?”

“I brought him some plates and cups and stuff.”

Jesse shook his head.

“He has to have some plates.” Adrian put his hands on his hips.

“Whatever, man. Wanna watch a movie later?”

Adrian glanced at Lorcan’s door. He wouldn’t want Adrian to hang around for long. “Sure.”

“Sweet. Pizza?”

Adrian held in a sigh. Jesse always wanted to order pizza. Adrian worried about his nutritional intake, and did his best to sneak in some vegetables and fruit when they hung out. “I can make something.”

Jesse pursed his lips. “No tofu.”

Adrian threw his hands in the air. “There is nothing wrong with tofu.”

“I disagree.” Jesse grinned at him.

“Whatever. Seven?” It would give him time to cook something.


Jesse headed down the stairs, and Adrian hurried into his kitchen and grabbed the extra bottle of dish soap he kept under the sink. Before he went back to Lorcan, he wrote dish soap on the shopping list he kept by the coffee maker. He always wanted a backup of everything, should he unexpectedly run out. And it was lucky he did, since he now had a bottle he could give to Lorcan.

He closed the door behind him and pushed down the door handle on Lorcan’s door only to find it locked. What the hell? He waited, thinking Lorcan must’ve heard him try to open it and would come to let him in. When nothing happened, he pushed the doorbell.

Seconds went by but he didn’t have to shout through the mail slot before Lorcan opened the door. “Oh, you’re back.”

“Of course I’m back.” Adrian glared at him. “I only went to grab detergent.” He held up the bottle. “Jesse and I are gonna watch a movie later, do you want to come? I’ll cook.”


Adrian frowned. “It’s across the hall, at Jesse’s, you don’t have to walk far at all on the crutches.”

Lorcan gave him a look he couldn’t interpret—damned blank face. Maybe he was a gargoyle and not a werewolf what with all those stony looks.

“So, what made you move here?” Adrian poured some detergent into the dishwater and set about washing the plates, cups, and glasses he’d brought. He didn’t ask for a dish drainer. The plates truly were lovely. Maybe he should ask Doris to put some aside for him, should she get more.

“I had to find something fast. This was what was available.”


When Lorcan didn’t explain why he needed to find something fast, Adrian gritted his teeth. “Towel?”

A raised eyebrow was the only response he got. Adrian grunted and pushed away from the sink. “Don’t lock the door. I’ll be right back.”

Dish towels. He’d see what Doris had in the shop. Sometimes you could find beautiful towels of far better quality than those you bought new and for next to nothing. He grabbed one from his linen closet and headed back to Lorcan’s apartment.

“Which cupboard would you like to keep your plates in?” Adrian had his in the cupboard closest to the window, and he gravitated toward it with the stack of dried plates.

“Doesn’t matter.”

“Sure it does.” When Lorcan didn’t answer, he placed the plates on the second shelf and the glasses and cups on the bottom. With a sigh of longing, he looked at them. So pretty.

“Are you sure you don’t want to watch a movie with Jesse and me?”

Lorcan shook his head.

“Okay, then.” Adrian dropped his shoulders. “If you change your mind, you know where to find us.” He motioned in the direction of Jesse’s apartment.

Cover Reveal | A Vampire Chew Toy

Cover Reveal

It’s cover reveal time!!! Again 😆 In October, we’ll be celebrating M&Ms Day. We all need some more chocolate in our lives.

Some stories come easy, and some stories are a struggle from start to finish. A Vampire Chew Toy was one of those that poured out of me, and I got to a stage where I wanted to stay in that world forever. I allowed it to take as much space as it wanted, and despite running a little late on the deadline (later than I’ve ever been on a deadline) I didn’t try to cut it short or limit it. And I’m so glad I didn’t because I’m so in love with this story… and M&Ms.

To be honest, M&Ms aren’t my favourite candy, but in this story, M&Ms are important 😁

Are you ready to see the cover?? I’m in love with that too – tattoos are also important in this story.


Devin Jace lives in a huge mansion together with six other people, five of them turn furry, and one needs to drink blood to survive. Sometimes, he suspects it’s all a dream. Four years ago, he had no idea supernatural beings existed. It wasn’t until he was snatched off the street and forced to live as a blood slave he realized vampires are real and don’t sparkle.

Three years ago, Mars O’Ceallaigh was part of the team who saved a badly scarred and severely traumatized Devin. As the only vampire on the team, he got to work undercover. To keep up the facade, he tasted Devin’s blood. Not a day has gone by since without him thinking about it, both the taste of the blood and Devin. But he wants Devin to be happy, and since he knows vampires are his worst nightmare, he does his best to keep out of his way.

When the team learns Devin’s captor has escaped prison, Mars is convinced he will come for Devin. Devin might fear Mars, but there is someone he fears more, so when Mars swears to keep him safe, Devin trusts him. Mars more than enjoys being by Devin’s side at all times, but will spending every minute of every day with him be enough to keep him safe?

Coming October 8th