Holly Around the World | September

Holly Around the World

It’s time for another lap around the globe. Or… the travelling is already done, so it’s more like a glimpse into the travel journal 😊 

Perhaps we should make that a diary instead?

In September, we celebrated Dear Diary Day, and we did it by releasing Dear Diary. I’m so happy we did! It was a challenge to write a story in diary format, but it was really fun.

The first stop this time was at A.L. Lester’s blog. There I was talking about Dear Diary at the same time as I was bragging about my achievements this year 😆

Then I visited Nell Iris. At Nell’s, I was talking about how writing a diary in third person, past tense, and dual points of view won’t work, and how I instead had to move out of my comfort zone and write in first person.

Next up was Addison Albright. There I was talking about the history of diary-writing, and how diaries can help us sort our lives. I might also have mentioned that we’re mentally unstable in this day and age LOL.

Last, I was over at Ofelia Gränd’s. There I talked about how I could’ve written a different story than I did to celebrate Dear Diary Day. I could’ve done a queer The Bridges of Madison County, but I didn’t. And now we’ll just have to live with the fact that I didn’t 😁

Not a fan of diaries? Worry not, next month we’ll be celebrating M&M Day and if you say you don’t like chocolate, we can’t be friends.

Works in the gym


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