What Are They Eating | Perfect Rows

What Are They Eating

It’s time to have a look at what they’re eating in Perfect Rows. Grayson is all about growing his own food, at least the veggie part of what he eats, but when it comes down to it, they don’t eat all that much in this story.
There is coffee, of course, there is coffee, and then there is Grayson’s struggle with turnips. He doesn’t really like turnips, but he’s challenged himself not to buy any vegetables from May to September, which means he has to grow what he needs.

Grayson glared at Camden’s house again. A light shone in the kitchen, and his stomach rumbled as he pictured Cam cooking in there.
He needed food, and he needed a shower. Abandoning the tomato plants, he headed for the door. He stopped by the raised bed closest to his house and plucked some lettuce and carefully pulled a couple of turnips from the soil. He wasn’t a big fan of turnips, but since he was challenging himself not to buy any vegetables, he needed early and fast-growing kinds, and turnips, sadly, fit the bill. Roasted turnips weren’t bad, and he’d thawed some chicken to go with them.
Peeling, rinsing, and chopping, he soon had the food in the oven and rushed into the bathroom for a quick shower.

We’re back to pizza! I can’t remember the last time I had pizza in real life, but my characters often eat pizza.

Grayson bit into a slice of pizza, his gaze locked on the TV.
“Oh, come on!” Ryan flopped back against the backrest when one of the players fell halfway across the field for no apparent reason.
“Have some more pizza. It’ll make you feel better.” Grayson nudged the pizza box closer to Ryan.
“Wanna go out for a beer after the game?”
Grayson shrugged. He wanted to go home. If it was still light out, he could get some plants in the soil. He had beans needing out of their pots.
“What have you been up to today?” Ryan glanced at him as he picked up a pizza slice.
“Not much. Argued with my neighbor over the garden again.”

As the story progresses, more things become available in the garden, and one night Grayson fires up the barbecue, and when Cam comes walking into the garden, he invites him to join him. Which doesn’t end well, but then the two of them together seldom end well LOL

Camden watched Grayson’s stiff back as he walked up the stairs and into the house and cursed. Taking a deep breath, he looked at the serving spoon in his hand and the plate Grayson had fixed him with grilled meat. He’d placed a small bowl with sugar snap peas next to the roasted turnips, and Cam assumed they were from the garden too.
Glancing at the house, he took a sugar snap and bit into it. It was crispy and sweet and might have been the best he’d ever had. He hadn’t grown up with a lot of vegetables, there had never been any money, and even if there had been, he couldn’t picture his mom browsing the fruit and veggie aisle.
He glanced at Grayson’s house again. How long did it take to put on some coffee? The food was getting cold. The roasted turnips looked tasty, and the meat was perfectly browned. The scents had his stomach rumbling, and he realized he’d missed lunch in his haste to get to the hospital.

Celebrating World Naked Gardening Day, book cover of Perfect Rows by Holly Day

Everything would’ve been perfect if Grayson Dawe hadn’t been forced to share his garden with Camden Hensley. Grayson has everything he needs in life – a job, friends, a house he loves, and a garden. He wants to grow enough vegetables to cover his needs over the summer, and he has a plan for how to achieve it.

Camden Hensley loves his garden. He loves beautiful flowers in perfect rows, sweet scents and buzzing bees, but his neighbor, Grayson, messes everything up. He mixes vegetables with flowers in the growing beds and is incapable of placing plants in straight lines. And when Cam pulls out the plants growing in the wrong place, Grayson snarls at him.

Grayson doesn’t want to fight with Camden, but he’s completely unreasonable. Cam only wants Grayson to stop creating chaos and to grow flowers instead of vegetables. Neither of them is willing to back down, and days in the garden usually end in shouting matches, at least until Grayson realizes he can shut Cam up by kissing him. But will they ever be able to agree about what plants should grow where?

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